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Cuisine Décor: Should You Put a Rug in the Kitchen?

There are a few unwritten rules when it comes to rug placement in the home, but there are also a couple of question marks. One of these is a query that’s plagued countless interior decorators for decades: should you put a rug in your kitchen? It’s true that plenty of kitchens have smooth floors, like linoleum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a rug into the mix... right?

Below are a few of our recommendations to help you choose the perfect kitchen rug.

Step 1: Rug material

The first thing to consider for a kitchen rug is the material. Bear in mind that, more so than any other room, there’s a high chance for spills and stains to occur in the kitchen. This should factor into your decision-making when you’re comparing potential rug materials. While the vast majority of the rugs you’ll find at Rugs Direct are stain-resistant and easy to clean, naturally some are more straightforward than others. To keep rug maintenance simple and easy, we’d recommend a synthetic material like polypropylene. Unlike natural fibres, these are less likely to soak up the spills and cause long-term staining.

Step 2: Pile length

When it comes to the length of the rug pile you’d like in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to keep things short. The reason for this is that kitchen rugs are often placed below furniture – more specifically, a kitchen table. We’d therefore recommend that you choose a flat-woven rug with a short pile. Not only will this mean that the kitchen table, chairs, and other furniture won’t snag on the rug, it’ll also make the maintenance factor we discussed above much easier.

Step 3: Avoiding slippage

Because the kitchen is often a hive of activity, it’s essential that the kitchen rug you choose be stable and safe. To this end, we’d certainly recommend that you invest in some good quality rug underlay. This can be cut to the exact size you need, and will create the ideal amount of friction below your kitchen rug to make sure it doesn’t slip at all. It’s invisible, so your aesthetics won’t suffer, and it’ll give you complete peace of mind – even when your kitchen is bustling with people.

We hope our short guide has given you the knowhow to try out a rug in your kitchen. You’ll find an ever-growing range of rugs in our online rug shop, so be sure to dig deep to find the perfect rug for your kitchen. Need more personal advice? Call the team today on 0845 838 8638.


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