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3 of the Best Kids' Rugs That Are More than Meets the Eye

We’ll be the first to admit that rugs probably aren’t on the top of many kids’ Christmas lists, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. In fact, here at Rugs Direct, we offer a number of very different rug options that are perfect for kids’ bedrooms. But unlike rugs for grown-ups, these particular pieces are more than just decorative. Read on to find out what we mean…

Glowy Spirit Hopscotch Rug

As part of the Glowy range, the Glowy Spirit Hopscotch rug really is a multi-faceted piece. First of all, it’s been woven using a special ‘glowy polyester’ which means that parts of it will actually glow in the dark with the lights off. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, this particular rug can also be used as a fully-fledged hopscotch board. That means it’s perfect for any little one’s bedroom – as long as your floorboards can take the strain! Brought to you by the rug specialists at Arte Espina, this is the perfect example of a rug that’s more than meets the eye.

Large Road Map Rug

Many of us had a road map mat when we were kids that could be thrown down and played with using toy cars. The worst part? When it had to be put away after playtime was over. Well, with the Large Road Map rug from Oriental Weavers, playtime doesn’t need to stop, because this rug is also a complete road map featuring images of roads, buildings and more. It’s the ideal way to enjoy a lovely soft (yet durable) loop nylon rug while at the same time having a great place to play with toys.

Glowy Spirit Maze Rug

Here’s another member of the Glowy family, but this time it’s not a hopscotch board, but a fun and colourful maze. The Glowy Spirit Maze rug is ideal for very young kids who are just learning about the world and love having fun. It features cute images of a cat and mouse at play, and the ‘maze’ can be followed for that extra bit of excitement. Made from the glow-in-the-dark glowy polyester alongside soft Espirelle, this is one of the best kids’ rugs you’ll find from the team at Arte Espina.

For even more choice when it comes to kids rugs, please check out our online rug shop. Have a question about any of the rugs above, or anything else? Call our friendly team today on 0845 838 8638.