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Is 2017 the Year You Bring More Green into Your Home?

If you saw our 2017 trend prediction blog post at the end of last year, you’ll know that the natural world will be a key motif in interior décor this year. It should go without saying that one of the core colours that features in a theme like this is green, and in that spirit, we decided to showcase some beautiful green rugs. Here are just a few pieces that will help you bring more green into your home this year.  

Arte Espina Swing Plain Arte Green Rug

There’s no better way to start exploring green rugs than with something that’s nothing but. The Arte Espina Swing Plain Arte green rug is a fantastic example of what a rich and vibrant colour green is. This is emphasised even more thanks to the sumptuously long fibres of this rug’s shaggy pile. Made from a premium blend of polyester and acrylic, this high quality shaggy green rug has a pile height of 40mm for that extra touch of luxury. 

Mastercraft Twilight Green Rug

Not all green rugs are created equal, and this Mastercraft Twilight green rug is an excellent example of that. Made from pure polypropylene for strength and stain-resistance, this rug features a different shade of green that appears to shimmer in the light – hence its name. Rather than aiming for an impactful vibrant green, this rug instead goes for something more understated yet no less stunning to look at. The lovely shaggy pile will feel lovely under your feet, and the dense pile is almost reminiscent of a thick lawn – but without all the downsides, of course!

Asiatic Liberty Matrix Green Rug

Here’s a rug that’s taking the theme of the natural world and really running with it. A lovely combination of dark green floral print with a light green background, the Asiatic Liberty Matrix green rug is the perfect choice for anyone who truly loves the colour green. Made from pure wool for the ultimate natural fibre experience, this rug is also hand-tufted in India, making it a truly authentic choice perfect for any room of the house. All of that, and you’ll be right on-trend for 2017 and beyond!

Feeling inspired to explore some of our green rugs collection? If so, you can check out our full range of green rugs right now and start transforming your home. Have a question? Call the team anytime on 0845 838 8638. 




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