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Making a statement with an unusual rug

Once it comes to selecting a new rug, it’s all too easy to play it safe. After all, most interior décors feature neutral colours that blend well and provide subtle style. But sometimes we all need to inject a little personality into our homes. Have you ever considered trying something a little more funky and unusual?

Step away from your comfort zone for just a few minutes as we introduce five adventurous types of rugs that are the perfect focal point for any room…

Typographical Rugs

When it comes to the written word, your living room is probably the last place you’d expect to find it. But there’s a relatively recent trend that’s seen typography merge seamlessly with interior design, and the result is some fantastic rugs emblazoned with words of all kinds.

As well as adding a touch of ‘something different’ to a room, typographical rugs can transcend messages to any visitors in a less forceful way than a painting or poster. From ‘L.O.V.E.’ to ‘LONDON’, there are rugs to suit any household.

Textured Rugs

Textured rugs can be an extraordinary addition to any room. Regular carpets and rugs are generally flat to the floor, which can work with well thought out designs, but they cannot provide depth to a room like textured rugs. When smooth walls meet smooth floors, a rug with texture offsets the monotony and gives the room a fullness.

There are countless textures to choose from, including Helix Felted, Artisan, Croc, Wool, Shaggy and much more. One of our favourite rug categories is Shaggy rugs, which are made with a tufted pile of thick, heavy strands for added depth.

Artistic Rugs

It’s not unusual to find a rug design that’s inspired by the world of art. After all, some of the best designs and patterns can be found in paintings and sculptures. What is unusual, however, is discovering a rug that’s inspired by the mechanics of art: the paint itself, the shapes on the paper, the splashes and brush strokes.

There’s no end to the range of art-inspired rugs. If you’re a fan of the minimalist approach, then there are cubism-type varieties, while the works of Van Gogh are reflected in a whole range of impressionist rugs.

Funky Patterned rugs

Rugs are a great measure of a homeowner’s personality. So, if you consider yourself to be hip, funky and cool then a loudly patterned rug is an obvious addition. Some funky-style rugs offer a combination of jazzy colours, while others looked like they’ve been attacked by a paintbrush. This random assortment of colours really draws the eye, whichever room the rug may lie.

It doesn’t stop there though, there are also rug varieties with 3-dimensional designs. These patterns make the human eye believe the shapes and colours are popping off the fabric - a very interesting focal point in a room. There are even rugs that are designed to create illusions which is sure to break the ice with dinner guests.

Different Shape Rugs

It’s not all about the patterns, colours and textures though. There are rugs out there considered to be unusual purely for their less-than-regular shapes. It’s perfectly fine to go for a circular, square or rectangular rug – but why not play with people’s creativity and give them one that is snake-like or like a cloud? Rug’s with uncommon shapes can complement all the angles of an unusually-shaped room.

Even half-moon shaped rugs can add something different. The semi-circular shape will draw the eye on a flat floor and can act as an elegant and stylish accompaniment to the entrance of a door. And you never know, depending on the shape of your room, an unusually shaped rug could fit the angles of your room like a glove.

Kids rugs

Kids rugs have some of the most interesting designs out there. In stimulates the minds of children and greets us with a welcome nostalgia that puts a smile on our faces. From fairy tale designs to wildlife rugs, there’s enough to keep everyone entertained.

Of course, it’s unlikely these rugs will be sitting underneath a dining table or acting as the centrepiece in a large living room, but that’s beside the point. The kids need unusual rugs in their lives as much as adults, and for them, it makes a statement.

Outdoor rugs

Not quite as quirky as the other rugs in this list, but outdoor rugs still have that sense of ‘something different’. During the summer season, even in the UK, an outdoor rug could be a very impressive addition to your outside decks or patio. It’s simply unusual to have one in the UK as it feels more Mediterranean, but why not impress your guests with one?

They come in all varied shapes, sizes, colours and patterns so depending on your floral display or general outdoor colour combinations, there will be one to fit your abode, and still stand out. And with all the technology going into rugs these days, they won’t fade in the sun and are easily washable.