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Bring Some Magic to Your Child's Room with a Fairytale Rug

If there's one thing that all kids love, it's a unique bedroom. Whether that's dinosaur themed for the boys or something more pink and sparkly for the girls, there are plenty of options. If you're looking to add a touch of magic to your child's bedroom -- whether boy or girl -- you may just find what you're looking for with our fairytale rugs range.

A fairytale for kids of all ages

One of the wonderful things about fairytales is that they transcend both age and gender. Our fairytale rugs are designed for any child’s bedroom, playroom, or anywhere else. They feature eye-catching and colourful designs that will bring a dash of excitement to ignite the imagination. The imagery features classic fairytale motifs like ponies, castles, butterflies, and lakes – all made to stand out with vibrant colours like pink, blue, and green. It’s a good idea to show your rug ideas to your kids before taking the plunge – better safe than sorry, after all.

Beautifully made fairytale rugs                                                                             

It’s not just the imagery and colours that make our range of fairytale rugs so special. They’re also made using the latest techniques to create rugs of the highest possible standard. This includes methods like carving into the rug pile itself to create a 3D relief effect. Kids love something that’s a little bit different, and the 3D effect on our fairytale rugs is sure to provide exactly this. On top of the quality of manufacture, our fairytale rugs also made from 100% pure Espirelle, which is a hardwearing and stain-resistant material – perfect for kids’ bedrooms!

Fairytale rugs and so much more

If your little ones aren’t completely sold on fairytale rugs, don’t worry. Here at Rugs Direct we offer a full range of kids’ rugs that run the gamut from football-shaped rugs to glow-in-the-dark rugs – and everything in between. You can explore all of our children’s rugs right now. You’ll also find rugs that are appropriate for kids of different ages, including those first few months in the nursery all the way up to older boys and girls. Luckily, our fairytale rugs range is universally loved by kids of all ages, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one that suits your home.

Explore the Rugs Direct site today to learn more about our fairytale rugs. Have a question about which rug is right for your little ones? Call our knowledgeable team right now on 0845 838 8638.