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Benefits of a Wool Rug

Wool rugs are without question the best quality for rugs, even with the synthetics being as good as they are but nothing beats the feeling of sinking your feet into a new wool rug. Wool rugs are durable and can save money by not needing to be replaced as often.

As nights get colder the extra warmth and comfort from a wool rug is not the only benefit that its addition, with a huge colour choice, Sound reduction, care, patterns and textures.


Wool is one of those strange phenomena’s where it is warner in the winter and cooler in the summer, so it makes your living room or bedrooms so much more comfortable and even potentially reducing heating bills.  The natural product enables moisture in the air to be absorbed which moderates the temperature and humidity in the room. Chose our Apollo rugs for a carved look

Sound Reduction

The cushion effect of the soft pile helps to reduce the transfer of noise, perfect if you are in a flat living on top of someone else, so muffling a screaming toddler new to the family. Our Tuscany rugs are perfect addition to the dinning room


The strength of wool means it will look better for longer as well as its natural properties enable a quick bounce back. All in all this means that a wool rug will probably last you longer and therefore need replacing less.


Wool contains natural oils and is 30% more stain resistant then synthetic fibres. The structure of wool means that spills don’t absorb as quickly and can be easily blotted. For more information on caring for your wool rug.

Environmentally friendly

Wool is 100% natural and fully sustainable fibre. As a renewable fibre, the fleece grows yearly and is removed from sheep in the summer months. The amount of energy it takes to produce wool is a lot lower than that used in the production of synthetic fibres such as Nylon.

So if you want to buy a wool rug buying from Rugs Direct is the perfect place to put your trust.