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Rug Trends In 2016

Which Rug Trends Will Be Big In 2016? Here Are Our Predictions

Much like the world of fashion, the trends in the rug industry ebb and flow as the years go by.

In fact, they sometimes change so quickly that even we aren’t able to keep up with demand for a specific rug type or design. With that in mind, it’s always useful to try to predict the trends for next year as this one comes to an end. So let’s take a look into which rug trends we think will be flying high in 2016!

Historically influenced designs

While much of 2015 has been about keeping things simple, it looks like 2016 will bring in a little more texture in both colour and the rug’s pile itself. Likewise, colours which were popular in the past – such as gold and purple – are likely to be seen on many more rugs next year. In terms of the rug texture, the shaggy rugs that were popular in the 60s and 70s seem set to make something of a comeback, lending homes that comfy, luxurious vibe.

The natural world

If you’re not a fan of the sometimes ostentatious designs stemming from historical design, you may enjoy the natural rug trend for 2016. This trend is likely to include more neutral tones across a room, including brown, ochre, and beige. We already have a range of natural rugs available here at Rugs Direct, so you can actually get something of a head-start on next year’s trends by browsing them right now.

Outside on the inside

Here’s an exciting rug trend for 2016: bringing influences from the outside world to interior design. Unlike the beige tones we discussed above, this trend is all about wild green colours and floral motifs in the pattern designs. This will likely apply to all rug types, textures and pile types. In addition to the rugs, this trend will likely extend to other forms of interior design – so get ready to buy a few extra houseplants for your home!

Metallic flourishes

We’ve already seen a number of rugs in 2015 feature interwoven metallic threads, but this looks set to be a big deal in 2016. Whether that’s glimmers or silver, gold, or any other form of metal, this style of rug can create a real focal point in any room. On top of that, metallic threads can be included on almost any type of rug with any material, so whether it’s a shaggy rug, plain rug, or anything else, the metallic trend of 2016 should be widespread indeed.

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