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Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin Rugs: The UK's Next Big Thing in Home Décor?

It’s never easy to predict what the next popular item will be, especially not in a fast-moving area like modern rugs. But we like to think we have the inside track, which is why we’d recommend taking a look at sheepskin rugs as we move towards 2016. The reason? Well, as interior décor trends head more towards the natural world and away from more synthetic motifs, we’re likely to see a boom is sheepskin rugs. So with today’s blog post, you can get well ahead of the game.

What makes a sheepskin rug?

It may seem a little nonsensical to ask what goes into a sheepskin rug, but in reality there are lots of different options today. With some people preferring synthetic sheepskin rugs, as well as other animal-skin rugs, the choice is there for you. However, due to the non-invasive methods of producing sheepskin, there are really no humanitarian concerns here, so real sheepskin rugs are recommended. One of the benefits of real sheepskin rugs is that they offer a natural warmth and softness that you simply can’t get from any other material.

Colour options for sheepskin rugs

One of the great things about the all-natural sheepskin rugs is that they’re designed to mirror nature itself. With that in mind, you’ll find that sheepskin rugs will generally be available in white, grey, charcoal, mink or taupe. There are sometimes sheepskin rugs that are dyed more adventurous colours, but keeping things simple is often the best approach for a modern floor covering. Of course your interior design will also come into play here.

Unbeatable underfoot feel

Because sheepskin rugs are sourced entirely naturally, the actually physical feel of these pieces is very hard to beat. If you’ve never walked on a sheepskin rug before, it’s definitely something you want to try out. The pile itself is incredibly soft and sumptuous, and the fibres are also surprisingly easy to keep clean, even over time in high foot-traffic areas. Sheepskin rugs are ideal for use in bedrooms or living rooms, or really anywhere else that you want a lovely eye-catching rug that’s affordable and sourced naturally and humanely.

Feeling inspired to look into buying a sheepskin rug for your own home? We’ve got plenty of sheepskin rugs on offer here at Rugs Direct, so do a little research and find the perfect one for you!