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Typographical Rugs: The Best Way to Make a Real Statement

When it comes to the written word, your living room is probably the last place you’d expect to find it. But there’s a relatively recent trend that’s seen typography merge seamlessly with interior design, and the result is some fantastic rugs emblazoned with words of all kinds. If you fancy expressing yourself in words and picking up a top-quality rug in the bargain, read on. We’ll explore some of the very best typographical rugs the UK has to offer.

L.O.V.E spells ‘rug’

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t – but it’s a great intro to this fabulously impactful rug. Designed by the Plantation Rug Company, the LOVE rug is the ideal way to bring a little typography into your home. With the four letters of the ‘L word’ in each corner of this 100% wool rug, along with an intricate and colourful floral background, there’s a lot to love here. To polish off the super-personal feel of this lovely piece, it’s actually hand-knotted and incredibly soft under your feet. What’s not to love?

Word Up

With a name like ‘Word Up’, it’ll come as no surprise that this range of rugs from Arte Espina are some of the most popular typographical rugs available today. This is a collection of rugs that doesn’t rely simply on the impact of the letters for effect, but also includes a background design based on flags of the world. More specifically, the Union Jack and the good ol’ Stars and Stripes. So if you’re feeling a little patriotic and you’re looking for a rug which is made from 100% Espirelle for softness and resilience, the Word Up rugs range is the answer.

Going downtown…

If you can’t get enough of the fusion of typographical rugs and geographical inspiration, here’s another one for you. Another Arte Espina collection made from pure Espirelle, the Downtown rugs range combines impactful modern art splashes of colour along with the uppercase words ‘LONDON’ or ‘NEW YORK’. No matter which side of the pond is your favourite, these are typographical rugs that are sure to be at home in any living room. The perfect focal point providing both colour and a lovely soft pile, our Downtown rugs collection is perfect for creating a metropolitan haven at home.

Have you dipped your toe into the world of typographical rugs just yet? If not, why not check out our full range of modern and traditional rugs right now. Or, if you have a question, call the friendly Rugs Direct team now on 0845 838 8638.




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