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Try Something New: 3 Rugs That Are Anything but Square

When you’re looking for a new rug, you’re sure to discover that there’s no shortage of square or rectangular rugs. In fact, almost every rug you’ll find at Rugs Direct is available in rectangular form as standard. But rather than focus on the majority in today’s blog post, we’d instead like to take a look at three rugs that are anything but square. 

Spiral Red Rugs by ThinkRugs

Let’s start as we mean to go on, with a rug that’s been designed from the ground up to truly stand out. The Spiral Red Rug by ThinkRugs is a beautiful circular design complemented by carved spirals that bring depth and style to the piece. The rug is made from 100% wool and its density means it’ll really stand the test of time no matter where you display it. If you want a rug that’s vivid, eye-catching and the complete opposite of square – this one’s a great choice!

Football Rug by Arte Espina

If there’s one group of people that are guaranteed to enjoy rugs which aren’t conventionally shaped, it’s kids – and here’s a rug that’s perfect for the football fan in your life! Made from Espirelle (a unique soft yet tough material exclusive to Arte Espina rugs) with an anti-slip back, this rug is crafted in the classic shape and monochrome design of the iconic football. Instantly recognisable and sure to brighten up any bedroom, the Football Rug by Arte Espina is both affordable and long-lasting. And (of course) it’s stain-resistant too.

Hong Kong Kids Striped Heart Rugs by ThinkRugs

So we’ve taken a look at a couple of circular rugs which are certainly anything but square, but to finish up we’d like to introduce the Hong Kong Kids Striped Heart Rug by ThinkRugs. While the striking striped design and bright vivid colours certainly make this one stand out, it’s the love-heart shape that make it perfect for this particular list. The rug is made from a pure acrylic, meaning it’s perfect for kids’ bedrooms as it’s both hard-wearing and colourfast. We’d also recommend this striped heart rug for play areas to bring that extra touch of razzle-dazzle!

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