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Shaggy Rugs

One of the most famous styles of rugs, the shag or shaggy rug was popularised in the groovy 60s and 70s and has remained a favourite since. Regarded as one of, if not the most comfortable rug around, the shag rug is a common figure in home interiors. The rugs often only have a single-coloured pattern too, so can seamlessly match with a broad range of interior layouts and designs.

At Rugs Direct, there are nearly 200 shaggy rugs in the online collection using different patterns, colours and textures but all retaining that classic shag rug feel and look. You can either go for one of the Asiatic range with 100% polyester yarn or the Arte Espina range with a combination of 67% polyester and 33% acrylic; both with different feels and weights, but are equally comfortable to lounge on. 

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