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Floral Rugs

If there is one pattern that withstands the test of time, it’s floral. It doesn’t matter if a room has heaps of colour, or has an entirely minimalist look; floral patterns always seem to match the décor. And, of course, with such a timeless design, you can either go for vibrant colours or subtle tones, they’ll still improve a living space either way.

At Rugs Direct online, with over 100 products to choose from with different colours and designs, there’s no doubt you’ll find the floral rug to suit you. You can either go for a single-coloured floral pattern for just a touch of colour or a multi-coloured pattern to add a statement piece to the room. On top of that, with free delivery in the UK and prices starting at well under £50, Rugs Direct’s store is the ideal place to start your search.

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