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Border Rugs: A Unique Design to Suit Any Interior Design

Browsing for a new rug can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit overwhelming when there's so much choice out there. That's exactly why we share some of our favourite rug patterns and designs here on the Rugs Direct blog. Today we’ll be looking at an unusual rug design that's truly versatile: the border rug. Here are a few of our recommendations that are sure to look great in any room of your home.

Blade Border Chocolate Mocha Rug

Here’s a piece from Asiatic that’s a quintessential border rug. The perfect example of “plain” rug design in action, the Blade Border Chocolate Mocha Rug proves that patterns don’t need to be complex to be visually stunning. The texture of the hand-sheared pile highlights the contrast of the deep chocolate brown border against the softer, more beige tones of the inner rug. Discover the Blade Border Chocolate Mocha Rug in our store now.

Noble Art Border Rug

If you’re a fan of classic traditional designs blended with the long-lasting durability of modern rug manufacture, you’ll love the Noble Art Border Rug. Another great example of a rug with a border, this piece is also a shining example of an oriental rug, with its medallion centrepiece and ornately patterned border. The colour palette is immediately arresting, with a stark contrast of light beige with dark black notes within the border itself. The rug is made from a premium polypropylene yarn and is crafted by the expert team at Mastercraft Rugs. See how the Noble Art Border Rug could find a home in your house.

Tivoli Border Rug

From the traditional to the ultra-modern now with the Tivoli Border Rug by Lano. Immediately impactful with its striking bordered design, it’s really the delicate leaf imprint pattern that brings this border rug to life. Shades of ivory, brown, and beige intermingle with the polypropylene pile to create a border rug that doesn’t just draw the eye – but demands your attention. Alongside the stunning aesthetics, the Tivoli Border Rug also features the latest in rug manufacturing technology, meaning it’s durable, versatile, and stain-resistant. Learn more about the Tivoli Border Rug in our online rug shop.

There you have it: the perfect introduction to the world of border rugs. With an eye-catching design and wide range of colours, it's certain to be a winner in your home. Explore the full range now or call the team today on 0845 838 8638.



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