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How Choosing the Right Rug Can Beat the Cold This Winter

Dig out the woolly jumpers and hot water bottles, because it's that time of year again.

As the winter chill rapidly spreads across the UK, many of us are looking for affordable ways to keep our homes warm. Well, did you know that rugs can actually play a significant role in keeping your home cosy and warm? In today’s blog post, we’ll explain the various factors that can help you choose the right rug for winter.


Much like when choosing clothes to wear on a winter’s day, you should consider the material of your new winter rug carefully. Anything that’s too thin won’t offer enough protection against the cold that can rise from below your home, especially on the ground floor. That’s why we’d recommend a shaggy rug or a rug with a heavyweight pile. A nice dense pile will ensure that warm air is trapped inside the fibres, keeping your room that little bit warmer.


The next important factor to think about for a winter rug is the size of the rug itself. For example, if you have wooden floors in a ground floor living space, you’ll generally be losing a lot of heat from the exposed flooring. Choosing something like an area rug is a great way to cover large spaces of the floor and ensure that the cold is kept where it belongs: outside of your home! Take some time to measure your room space so that you can buy with confidence when picking out your winter rug.

Insulation or underlay

Our final piece of essential advice for staying warm with rugs this winter is about insulation or underlay. Here at Rugs Direct, we offer a selection of rug underlay options that are generally used to prevent slippage on wooden floors and similar smooth surfaces. However, the concept can also be applied to keeping a room warm too. With the right insulation material placed below a rug, you can double-up the warming powers of any rug. It also means that you can choose a more lightweight rug without worrying about it not insulating your room as much as it could.

Do you have any plans for keeping your home warm this winter? If you’d like to know more about how the right rug can help, please call our expert team today on 0845 838 8638.



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