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The best and brightest of 2015's colourful rugs

The best and brightest of 2015's colourful rugs

There are few better ways to bring life and character to a room than with a colourful rug. Whether the design is modern, traditional, or a little funkier, bright and vivid colours make all the difference. With that in mind, we thought we’d collect a few of our favourite colourful rugs for 2015 to help inspire you to create a celebration of colour in your own home.

Here are our top picks for the very best colourful rugs in 2015.

Colour Festival rugs

With a name like Colour Festival, how could we not have this lively range of rugs on the list? Each one of these colourful rugs features a unique design to give it real character. From paint-splatter style effects to the classic patchwork design, Colour Festival rugs find a wide variety of ways to make these colourful rugs really eye-catching.

Mix and Match rugs

If you prefer an eclectic blend of colours rather than just a handful of uniform ones, Mix and Match colourful rugs are for you. Immediately attention-grabbing, every piece in this collection includes a number of different influences that manifest as a truly varied pattern. Floral motifs meet vertical stripes and bubble effects to create a range of colourful rugs that will be add home in any home that needs a splash of colour.

Colourful Summer Rugs

Taking its inspiration from the vibrant colours of summer, the aptly named Colourful Summer range of colourful rugs is perfect for fans of lively design. Flowers of all sizes combine with more angular design elements and a wide colour palette to create a lovely selection of colourful rugs. The overriding theme here is based on deep reds, with lighter oranges and even yellows cropping up to add highlights. For a taste of the summer all year round, these colourful rugs are ideal.

Soul Rugs

Here is a hand-made colourful rug collection that is truly individual. The actual physical design of these Soul Rugs is a stand-out: felted woollen balls combine to create a bouncy and unusual feel underfoot. These are bright, colourful rugs that are able to bring both vibrancy and exciting modern design all at once. For a floor covering that will really turn a few heads while also firmly falling into the ‘colourful rugs’ camp, it has to be a Soul Rug.

Feeling inspired to bring colourful rugs into your home? If so, you can find all of the above and many more in our colourful rugs collection.


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