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Beginner's Guide to Measuring and Fitting a New Rug

Are you in the market for a new rug? Great! But before you set your heart on a specific piece, there are a few important things to consider. Most importantly: the measurement and fitting of your rug. To help you make the right choices first time, we’ve prepared a handy guide to measuring and fitting a new rug.

Step 1: Consider the usage of the rug

Before you make that final decision about which specific rug is right for your home, it’s a good idea to consider where and how it will be used. The reason for this is that differing levels of foot-traffic and other usage will affect the longevity of a rug. We’d recommend that you pick a heavyweight, thick (or dense) pile rug for areas like hallways, stairs, and landings, because these see the most wear and tear over time.

Step 2: Measure your room

Very few rooms are actually purely quadrilateral, so measuring correctly is an important step when picking out a rug. When measuring your room for an area rug, take account of any alcoves or areas where the walls angle off, but disregard these until you’re left with a quadrilateral dimension (i.e. four walls). Once you have the width and length of your room in metres, you can multiply the two together to get your room size in square-metres. From here, you’re in a great position to decide exactly how large you’d like your new rug to be.

Step 3: Do you need any underlay?

One step that many new rug buyers forget about is rug underlay. This is handy for multiple reasons, including the prevention of slippage for the rug, and added thermal insulation. It’s really easy to size up underlay so that it can’t be seen, and it’s especially useful if your rug is going to be placed onto smooth floor coverings such as laminate and wood. In this case, we’d always recommend that addition of rug underlay if only to prevent the rug from slipping – which could potentially pose a risk of injury. Find out more about rug underlay today.

By following the simple steps above, you can make doubly sure that your rug fits perfectly and stands the test of time. For more info about fitting and measuring, please call our friendly Rugs Direct team on 0845 838 8638. Or simply browse our range of rugs now.




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