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Flair Rugs

Award-winning rug design and supply

It takes something special to remain the best at what you do. Meticulous attention to detail. A drive for making the brilliant, better. A belief that looking after your team, your customers, your suppliers and the environment isn’t just the right way to work; it’s the only way to work.
It’s an approach that Flair Rugs Takes.

You don’t spot trends (or start them) by sitting at your desk. You have to get out there, source new materials, find new influences, meet new designers. Our buyers and designers have scoured the globe to create rugs that have delighted homeowners for a generation. They’re doing it right now.
And that takes Flair.

Gorgeous rugs. Exceptional quality. Exciting designs. All made responsibly and at a great price. It’s a simple goal, yet it’s one you can achieve. When you’ve got Flair


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