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Botanical Beauty: Why Floral Rugs Are Set to Branch Out in 2017

With just a few months to go until 2017 is upon us, it seems like a great time to start looking towards the rug trends for next year. With so much choice, and so many new designs hitting the market every month, it can be tough to predict what will be hot – and what won’t be! Luckily, the team here at Rugs Direct has some experience in that area, and we’re confident that botanical and floral rugs will make a big splash in 2017.  Here’s why.

The anatomy of a botanical rug

So what exactly classifies as a botanical rug? Well, for the most part, we’re talking about floral rugs – those with beautiful representations of flowers and plant-life either in pattern form or even carved into the pile itself. But botanical rugs aren't all about the floral patterns; the term can also apply to those rugs that feature an all-natural colour palette inspired by Mother Nature. Green, orange, red, and many other colours can be found emblazoned on botanical rugs.

Is 2017 the year of botanical rugs?

While we see steady demand for floral rugs and botanical rugs all year round, it certainly seems that 2017 is set to become the year when they really take root. This isn't set in stone, of course, but if you look at the impact of the natural world in interior design for next year’s trends (house-plants will be all the rage), you'll see that botanical rugs fit right into these predicted trends.

Buy a botanical rug at Rugs Direct

There's never been a better time to get ahead of the game and start browsing our botanical rugs range right now. While the choice is abundant, good examples of botanical rugs that'll be perfect for your home in 2017 include the Valentine Green rug by ThinkRugs. This lovely rug features not only that unmistakable rich green colour, but it's also been hand-carved to create a unique floral relief effect in the rug surface. That's a fantastic way to bring the botanical world into your living room, and turn a few heads at the same time!

You can find plenty of beautiful examples of botanical rugs right here at Rugs Direct. Simply browse our collection of floral rugs online right now, or call the team on 0845 838 8638 for a more personalised recommendation. We’re always happy to help.  



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