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It's Hip to be Square: The Rise of Grid Rugs

It's Hip to be Square: The Rise of Grid Rugs

It's always amazing to see which particular rug designs will be popular from year to year, and sometimes it can surprise even us at Rugs Direct. One rug design that falls firmly into this category is the grid rug: a geometrically inspired pattern which suits almost any colour palette. Let's take some time to explore just what makes grid rugs so special, and how you can choose one for your home.

What defines a grid rug?

While much of what makes a grid rug a grid rug can be derived by a single glance, there is a little more to it than that. By their very nature, grid rugs feature a grid pattern made up of criss-crossing vertical and horizontal lines that come together to form either squares or rectangles. The fact that this design style creates these individual shapes means that grid rugs can often feature a spectrum of colours for each segment of the pattern. Likewise, the lines that create these segments can also be coloured or made from different fibres for additional touches of style.

Modern examples of grid rugs

So what does a contemporary grid rug look like? Well, here at Rugs Direct, we offer a range of quality grid rugs for you to choose from – all great examples of modern grid rugs. Take the Harlequin Grid Terra rug, for example. A hand-tufted piece made from acrylic yarn, this is a great example of a modern grid rug, blending vivid yet earthy tones with a springy wool-like pile. The subtle blend of shades that flow from segment to segment highlight the real benefit of the grid rug pattern.

Tie a room together with a grid rug

Geometric patterns have been one of the most popular choices in interior design over the last few years, meaning there are plenty of choices when it comes to matching up a grid rug. The clean vertical and horizontal lines mean that a grid rug serves very well as a focal point for a living room. So even if you don't choose other furnishings with eye-catching designs, your room’s design will still be elevated by the presence of your grid rug. And don’t forget that a wide range of colour options are available to make your rug fit perfectly into your home’s aesthetic.

Ready to explore more grid rugs? See our full range now here at Rugs Direct. If you have questions, you can call our team anytime on 0845 838 8638.





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