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Rug Shapes 101: How to Choose the Right Rug Shape

When you think of a rug, which shape pops into your mind? For many of us, it’s the classic rectangular rug that we think of first. This is the most popular shape of rug, so it’s no surprise – but there are plenty more rug shape options to pick from. In today’s blog post, we’ll discover four different rug shape options… but which is your favourite?


The circular rug is one of the most fun and unusual rug shapes we have on offer. This shape is perfect for smaller rooms, and in many cases will actually make the space feel larger. Circular rugs are the perfect choice for cosier rooms which have plenty of furniture to complement the rug itself. Discover our range of circular rugs now.


Some spaces are simply not suited for the more conventional rug shapes, and this is where half-moon rugs come in handy. With one side entirely flat and the other semi-circular, a half-moon shaped rug can be a great way to add visual interest to a feature wall. Likewise, half-moon shaped rugs are perfect in narrow hallways or smaller living rooms or bedrooms. Explore half-moon rugs in our shop.


Perhaps the most conventional shape on today’s list, the square shaped rug is something you’ve probably encountered before. We find that square rugs work really well in rooms that are likewise square in their dimensions. A great choice for box rooms or even conservatories, square rugs are also very effective when paired with square furniture like coffee tables and so on. You can see our full range of square rugs in our online rug shop.


Looking to really push the boat out with your rug shape? Then allow us to introduce you to the world of octagonal rugs. These eight-sided pieces are an excellent way of creating a sense of character and visual flair in any room. Far from being exclusive to more modern rug designs, you can actually find plenty of traditional rugs in the octagonal shape, meaning they’re pretty versatile when it comes to aesthetics. Delve deeper into the world of octagonal rugs now.

Now that you’re familiar with the options, we’d recommend that you explore the full range of rug shapes available at Rugs Direct. Simply visit our online rug shop, then use the filters on the left to choose a specific rug shape. Have a question? Call the team now on 0845 838 8638.



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