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Is a Flatweave Rug the Right Choice for Your Home?

If you’re on the hunt for a new rug for your home, there’s a good chance that you’ve already seen the various options available – including flatwoven rugs. The flatweave rug is one of the most popular choices in the world, and for good reason. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore exactly why flatweave rugs remain one of the best choices of rug for your home.

What is a flatweave rug?

Unlike other types of rugs, flatweave rugs are made on a loom rather than being knotted, meaning they don’t have a tufted pile. As the name suggests, this method of weaving means that flatweave rugs can be very slim-line and flat. Depending on your particular needs, this can be a real benefit, because it means that a flatweave rug is more versatile and easy to move around when necessary. Flatweave rugs can be made from different materials, but most commonly you’ll find them comprised of fibres like wool, linen, silk, or even cotton.

How flatweave rugs are made

As you may already know, a rug is usually woven using two types of thread: the weft and the warp. In the case of a flatweave rug, the warp threads are strung on a loom vertically, and the weft threads are threaded through the warp to create the weave. The weaver will go back and forth in this manner until the flatweave rug is completed, usually leaving a thin fabric which is the flatweave itself. This technique differs from the traditional knotting technique, which instead has the weaver tie the weft in small knots around the warp.

The benefits of a flatweave rug

As we mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of a flatweave rug is the slim-line nature of the fabric. Because these rugs are made with just two woven threads, they’re very lightweight, so you’ll be able to position your rug any way you choose with ease. Flatweave rugs are also often reversible, again because of the technique used to weave them, so you can practice a rotation system to keep your rug looking its best. And speaking of maintenance, flatweave rugs are one of the easiest forms of rug to clean and vacuum because of their naturally flat attributes.

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