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3 Easy-to-Spot Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Old Rug

There are plenty of simple ways that you can keep older rugs looking good, but there comes a time when enough’s enough. No matter how much you love your rug, at some point you’ll need to think about replacing it. But how do you know when to make this change exactly? Well, there are a few tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for – and here are three of the most common.

Sign #1: It’s a little thin on top

Just like we humans, rugs have a tendency to lose their lustre over time. This makes sense when you think about the countless feet that walk over them every single day. (Rugs, that is – not humans). If you’ve noticed worn patches on your rug, perhaps where the rug canvas is showing through, (it looks like cross-hatching), it may well be time to begin your search for a replacement. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) to repair this type of wear-and-tear, so don’t be too upset if a replacement is the only option.

Sign #2: It’s not as thick as it used to be

Another side-effect of all of those feet walking across a rug is a loss of thickness and pile height. When you first buy a new rug, especially a heavyweight or shaggy rug, you can expect it to be thick and fluffy. But if you’ve recently noticed that the rug is feeling firmer under your feet, or it simply visibly appears thinner, it might be on the way out. You might also notice the threads of the rug themselves becoming flattened and compressed – sure signs that your rug is nearing its expiry date!

Sign #3: The colours have faded or changed

You’re probably well aware of what happens to upholstery or fabric when it’s exposed to direct sunlight – and rugs can suffer the same. This fading of colour can have a big impact over time, but it’s not only direct sunlight that can cause colour fade. Simple use of the rug, foot-traffic, and even the number of times it’s been cleaned all have an impact on the vividness of the colours on the rug. If your rug is looking a little more grayscale than it used to, that’s usually a sign that it’s time to explore your options.

If one or more of your rugs is getting a little long in the tooth, don’t worry. Here at Rugs Direct we have hundreds of rugs to choose from, ranging from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Explore our online rug shop right now or call our friendly team today on 0845 838 8638.



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