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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Man-Made Fibre Rugs

When it comes to buying a new rug for your home, there are two core options for the material: natural fibre or man-made fibre (also known as synthetic). We've talked a lot about natural fibres here in the Rugs Direct blog, so we thought we'd provide a comprehensive introduction to synthetic options too. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Examples of man-made fibres

Below are some of the best examples of man-made fibres that you’ll find comprising our range of rugs here at Rugs Direct:

  • Acrylic: This is one of the best wool alternatives you’ll find anywhere. Acrylic is a synthetic fibre which feels just like wool, holds heat well, and is very colour-fast. It retains its shape well and is very durable, in addition to drying quickly when wet.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene is another very popular fibre used in modern rugs. The reasons for this are self-evident: polypropylene is highly stain- and spill-resistant, won’t mould over time, and is very flexible and lightweight.
  • Espirelle: This is a bit of an unusual one, as Espirelle is in fact a unique fabric that was created and is used exclusively by rug-makers Arte Espina. It’s a blend of acrylic yarn that’s made in a way that ensures a long life and wool-like texture.

Why choose man-made fibre rugs?

There are plenty of reasons to pick a man-made fibre rug over a natural alternative. One of the key benefits for such fibres is that they are generally more affordable than natural alternatives like wool. For example, if you were looking for a large area rug, a wool rug may be prohibitively expensive, but a man-made fibre rug of the same size may be well within budget. The lifespan of a man-made fibre rug may not quite match that of a wool rug, but it’ll be stain-resistant, durable even in high-traffic areas, and will retain its colour even over many years.

The modern approach to man-made fibre rugs

There was a time when synthetic rugs were considered inferior to the natural alternatives; however, these days, things are changing. With high-quality man-made fibres like Espirelle on the market, it’s becoming harder to tell the difference between these two types of rug. This means you get to enjoy all of the benefits of a natural fibre rug but also reap the savings that only man-made fibre rugs can bring.

You can explore the full range of man-made fibre rugs here at Rugs Direct right now. Have q question about which material is right for you? Call the team now on 0845 838 8638.



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