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choosing a modern hall runner

4 top tips for choosing a modern hall runner

No matter where you live in the UK, there’s a good chance you have a long corridor somewhere in your home. And if that corridor has wooden floors, a modern hall runner could be right up your alley. Unlike more conventional area rugs, modern hall runners are long and narrow, designed expressly for use in more narrow spaces.

But how do you choose a modern hall runner? Here are our four top tips!

4. Ensure pattern consistency

Just as you’d do when picking out a new rug, pattern is an important aspect of the modern hall runner. With designs that range from classic and traditional to the more minimal ultra-modern styles, there are countless patterns to choose from. But whatever you pick for your modern hall runners, make sure that they match your existing interior design – particularly other rugs in the surrounding areas.

3. The right underfoot feel

Modern hall runners are very often the first thing your feet will find when you come in the front door. For that reason, among others, you need to make sure the modern hall runner you choose feels great under your feet. This can also be affected by the type of material used; for example, do you prefer a woollen effect or the synthetic feel of polyester? Consider this carefully when exploring modern hall runners.

2. Durability and longevity

For the same reason as the point above, modern hall runners are often the most well-used of all floor coverings. That’s why you want to be 100% sure that the modern hall runner you choose will stand the test of time. Again, be sure that you research the particular material used to create the hall runner you’re considering to ensure that it will last as long as you would expect it to. This is especially important if you frequently go on muddy walks!

1. The perfect colour palette

Last but not least: colour! It may seem like an obvious consideration, but the colour of your modern hall runner has a big effect on how well it will blend into your home. While not all interiors have one unified design or colour, there are still some colours that will work better in some room than others. With the huge range of colours available for modern hall runners, you’ll be spoiled for choice and should have no problems finding the perfect shade for your interior design.

If you’re looking for the perfect modern hall runner for your home, you can explore a huge range here at Rugs Direct. Have a question? Get in touch with our team anytime!


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