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Natural Fibre Rug for Your Home

4 Reasons to Choose a Natural Fibre Rug for Your Home

We recently discussed the pros and cons of choosing a synthetic rug, but what about the other side of the coin? Natural fibres are the very first materials used to create floor coverings like rugs, so there’s plenty of history there – but what are the benefits? Let’s take a look at four great reasons that you should choose a natural fibre rug, like wool, for your modern home.

4. They’re naturally strong and durable

Think about it: nature designed sheep to withstand all sorts of weather. Come rain or shine, the wool on a sheep’s coat will always be soft, hardy, and durable. And it’s these properties that make natural fibres like wool such a great choice for rugs in the home. Especially in high foot traffic areas, rugs can take something of a beating over time, so it’s great to have the peace of mind that a natural fibre rug brings. Even many years after you buy it, you can be sure your natural rug will still be looking great and in great condition.

 3. Natural rugs are natural flame-resistant

Did you know that fibres such as wool won’t actually carry a flame? It’s true. Many of us would assume that wool would be flammable, however the reality is that a natural fibre rug is actually safer in the home than the alternative. If you’re looking for the safety factor, natural rugs have to take the prize for that one right out of the gate.

2. Natural fibres are sustainably produced

Unlike synthetic materials, natural fibres like wool are produced in an entirely natural way – and it’s one that’s sustainable. Some animal fur use threatens the population of that particular animal, but a sheep can provide wool over and over again with no harm to the animal or the environment. For the ultimate in green home décor, it really has to be a natural fibre rug.

1. Wool naturally resists staining

Because natural fibres like wool are by their very nature water-resistant, they’re the best choice for avoiding stains. The fibres that make up wool include a protective barrier of sorts that give the material its springiness. This barrier also means that water can’t easily penetrate the strands – and the same goes for spills in the home. So if you’ve got young kids, natural rugs are a no-brainer!

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