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Create the Perfect Homely Atmosphere with a Patchwork Rug

Create the Perfect Homely Atmosphere with a Patchwork Rug

There’s something really special about a patchwork design. Whether it’s the comforting mental imagery of a cosy patchwork quilt, or simply the idea of disparate schools of design living together in one pattern, we can all agree patchwork rugs are one-of-a-kind. So if you’ve been looking to capture that homely atmosphere in your living room (or anywhere else), we’ve hand-picked the following patchwork rugs that are guaranteed to do exactly that…

Woodstock rugs by Mastercraft Rugs

One of the hallmarks of any patchwork rug is the impression that the whole piece is made up from multiple smaller rugs. That’s never more apparent than in the wonderful Woodstock rugs range by Mastercraft Rugs. Each one features a twisted pile finish for texture, but the real star of this show is the eye-catching patchwork patterning. Each square in the design features a unique and expressive pattern made up of colours ranging from soft ochre to deep burnt orange. The border that surrounds each Woodstock rug serves to highlight each and every detail of these unique pieces.

Patchwork rugs by Arte Espina

How could we talk about patchwork rugs without mentioning the one piece that’s named after this rug style? The Patchwork rug collection by Arte Espina features a neutral-tone based colour with patches of bright and vivid colour on top. Made from the unique Espirelle fabric created by the manufacturer, Patchwork rugs are both soft and hard-wearing – but the patchwork design combined with the pink, green, purple (to name a few) colours really create something special. With a modern patchwork design with a subtle floral motif, a Patchwork rug is a great choice for your home.

 Kaleidoscope rugs by Oriental Weavers

While it’s true that patchwork rugs can generally be discerned by their uniform block-by-block design, some rug designs like to mix things up. That’s exactly what you get with a Kaleidoscope rug by Oriental Weavers. Each piece is made from a heavyweight pile which is ultra-soft under your feet, but the design is what makes these rugs special. Each asymmetrical block within the pattern features an ornate and vintage-inspired design, overlaid with a wash of colours like red, yellow and blue. Just as the name suggests, Kaleidoscope rugs are a celebration of vivid colour, but they’re also a unique take on the patchwork rug design – so you can have the best of both worlds.

If you’d like to explore even more patchwork rugs, you can find a huge collection in our online rug shop. Or, if you have questions, just drop us a line anytime on 0845 838 8638.


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