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Feeling Adventurous? 5 Perfect Rugs to Bring Excitement to Any Room

When it comes to choosing a new carpet, it’s all too easy to play it safe – and that makes sense. After all, most interior décor features uniform colours that blend well. But have you ever considered trying something with a little more contrast? Step outside your comfort zone for just a few minutes as we introduce 5 adventurous rugs that are the perfect focal point for any room…

Colour Festival by Arte Espina

It doesn’t get much more colourful than this! Made from pure Espirelle, a Colour Festival rug offers a spectrum of colour all collected in an eye-catching chequerboard pattern. These rugs are an excellent blend of lovely underfoot softness and real head-turning colour, and they’re the ideal way to bring a room to life.

Baroque N Roll by Plantation Rug Company

Who says you can’t combine traditional and modern design? The Baroque N Roll rug is living proof that it’s possible to do exactly that with bright, vivid colour. Naturally, this explosion of hot pink won’t be for everyone, but it’s sure to bring contrast to any living room floor! On top of that, the iconic patterning brings real texture to the piece too.

Inaluxe by Think Rugs

With their roots planted firmly in Australia, the Inaluxe rugs range offers some of the most unique visual design available today. Marrying up natural backing tones like beige and sand with a modern art twist, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a selection of rugs that will bring as much character to a room as the Inaluxe range.

Love by Plantation Rug Company

Here’s a rug that needs no introduction! Featuring impactful typography depicting the word ‘LOVE’, this Love rug is perfect as an adventurous addition to your home. Each letter is surrounded by intricate detail, and the trim of the rug features delicately knotted woollen balls. With impact, verve, and real style, the Love rug will always make a statement.

Textures by Flair Rugs

It’s not all about colour, is it? That fact is proven by the Textures collection of rugs. Artfully blending a lovely soft pile on each piece with intricate textural work, these rugs are really unique pieces. The carved effect used on the fibres themselves creates an almost 3D relief effect which really has to be seen. There’s surely no better way to bring adventure into your home this year.

If you’d like to push the boat out even further, you can find plenty more adventurous rugs on our website. Have a question about our ranges? Call our team today on 0845 838 8638.



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