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3 Things All New Rug Owners Need to Know from the Start

Investing in a new rug is something of a big purchase. After all, how often do you buy a new rug? For many of us, it could be anything from once per year to once per decade. For that reason and more, it’s vital that you know just what you’re getting into when you make that new rug purchase. So with that in mind, here are three things all new rug owners should know from the very start.

3. New rugs can produce “fluff”, and that’s okay

If you’ve bought a new rug in the past and vacuumed it within the first few weeks or months, you may have noticed a certain amount of fluff or fibres coming away from its surface. For some, this can be worrying; after all, a brand-new rug shouldn’t shed so soon, should it? Thankfully, this is entirely normal. Depending on the material and method of manufacture, rugs are often packed densely with excess fibres or even cut ends left during the rug’s creation. After a few months of vacuuming a rug will ‘settle’ and you should see much less shedding over time.

2. Some rugs require more upkeep than others

Are you buying a shaggy rug or a flat-woven rug? A heavyweight or a lightweight pile? Whatever the answers to these questions, it’s important that you be aware of the upkeep required for your new rug. For example, rugs that have longer or more dense fibres will have an excellent lifespan, but may require an additional or more detailed cleaning regimen because dirt can become trapped in the fibres. Likewise, flatwoven lightweight rugs can generally be vacuumed during your home cleaning and that’s all they need. Which you choose is entirely up to you!

1. For the longest lifespan, avoid direct sunlight

Have you ever seen a carpet or rug that seemed somehow discoloured on one side, as though the vibrancy of the colours had been lost? This is the result of exposure to ultraviolet light, and it’s an unfortunate side-effect of leaving rugs in direct sunlight for too long. If you’re planning on buying a rug that’s either vibrantly coloured or has an intricate pattern, do bear in mind the position of sun-shafts throughout the day, as ultraviolet damage is an insidious yet very frustrating problem – and prevention is better than cure!

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