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Practically Art: 3 Rugs with a Different Kind of Artistic Inspiration

It’s not unusual to find a rug design that’s inspired by the world of art. After all, some of the best designs and patterns can be found in paintings and sculptures. What is unusual, however, is discovering a rug that’s inspired by the mechanics of art: the paint itself, the shapes on the paper, the splashes and brush-strokes. It’s these rugs we’d like to showcase in today’s blog post.

Hong Kong Funky by ThinkRugs

ThinkRugs are a manufacturer that's known for trying out new ideas with their rug designs, and the Hong Kong Funky rugs range is no exception. In terms of practical artistic design, this collection of rugs is unmistakeable. Patterns feature truly practical artistic elements, including vivid splashes of paint and large spots of watercolour-inspired shades. If you really want to celebrate the practical side of art, a Hong Kong Funky rug is a great way to do that.  

Boca Boca 03 by Asiatic

Next up, we’ll take a look at the Boca Boca 03 by Asiatic. How does this tie into the practical side of art? Well, this particular rug really explores the properties of watercolour paint on wet paper. The vivid colours blend into one another leaving a subtle blotchy connection point – just like real watercolour paint. With deep grey bleeding into vivid purple and blue, there’s just so much life in this exceptional piece. One of the most visually impactful rugs in our entire collection, the Boca Boca 03 is recommended for anyone who loves the expressive nature of art.

Set Highlights by Arte Espina

If you’ve ever mixed paint of any kind, you’ll likely be well aware of the hynoptic swirling that can take place as you add new colours to the mix. With this as their inspiration, the team at Arte Espina have created the Set Highlights rug collection – a truly vibrant and existing piece that’s rich with yellow, ochre, and orange shades. Made from Espirelle for that lovely soft underfoot feel, the Set Highlights rug is the closest thing you can get to experiencing the wonder of swirling paint in a safe (and most of all, dry) way – and in the form of a rug!

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