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Red Rugs

Add a dash of personality to your interiors with our extra-large red rugs. This collection includes a range of stylish shades, patterns and prints that’ll keep you one step ahead of the trends. And, as red is said to evoke feelings of love and strength, there’s no better shade to incorporate into your family home.

These extra-large rugs are the perfect way to fill empty space in any room and create a talking point. Plus, they can be used to mark out specific zones in open-plan designs. With so many patterns and prints to experiment with, we recommend trying one of the printed designs over wooden flooring for a truly traditional look.

Need a smaller size? Don’t worry — we have a collection of red rugs available in big and large dimensions, so you’ll be sure to find something to fit your rooms.

We offer free UK delivery when you buy online, so shop our range to find an extra-large red rug now.

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x Approx 280x360cm / 9'2" x 11'10" x Red