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Give Your Home a Shabby Chic Makeover in One Easy Step

Shabby chic is kind of a big deal. Whether it’s the distressed wood finish on a chest of drawers or a healthy dose of wicker baskets in your bathroom, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this trend. But there’s one specific way you can create the shabby chic look in one easy step: laying down a new shabby chic rug. With that in mind, here are our favourite shabby chic rugs for 2016.

Fading World by Louis De Poortere

Here’s a great example of a shabby chic rug that’s both stylish and authentically designed. The finish of each rug in this collection is designed in such a way that the pattern appears to be fading away – hence the name! This range is created by Louis De Poortere, and showcases their knack for creating rugs that balance visual design with technical flair. Available in a range of unusual colour palettes, including ebony, pumpkin, and jade, the Fading World Rugs Range is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a shabby chic haven in the comfort of home.

Cameo by Louis De Poortere

Here’s another great example of a rug collection that typifies the shabby chic aesthetic. Designed to provide top-notch technical construction along with a premium-feel and distressed pattern, the Cameo Rug Collection by Louis De Poortere is shabby chic to a tee. Each of these rugs feature a delicate yet rich colour palette, with pastel tones the real order of the day. On top of this, you’ll find a number of Cameo rugs that offer a detailed, intricate distressed effect that lend the collection its ultra-modern sensibility.

Crestwood by Oriental Weavers

Shabby chic isn’t always about the pattern and design of the rug – it can also refer to the raw materials used to make the rug. The Crestwood Rugs Range by Oriental Weavers is a great example of this, in that it uses the all-natural fibre jute to create a rug that’s both hard-wearing and great to look at. Featuring an authentic and natural aesthetic that makes them at home in any room, a Crestwood rug is the ideal choice for anyone looking to celebrate the purest form of the shabby chic trend.

We hope this small introduction has given you food for thought when it comes to shabby chic rugs. There are plenty more choices to explore in our online rug shop. Have a question about a shabby chic rug, or anything else? Call the team now on 0845 838 8638.



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