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Spring Has (Almost) Sprung: Time for a New Rug?

It may be something of a chilly March this year, but that doesn’t mean that spring isn’t well on its way. In fact, if you’re not suffering blizzards, you might have been lucky enough to spot one or two daffodils. With that in mind, we thought it’d be refreshing to think about making a few springtime changes to your interior décor – starting with a brand new rug.

Here are our top tips (and recommendations) for finding the perfect springtime rug.

What to look for in a spring rug

So what are the essential ingredients of the ideal rug for spring? Well, no matter if the rug is going to live in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere else, there are a few essential factors to look for. First and foremost, you’ll want to capture the colour of spring. Shades of yellow, green, and even light orange are fabulous choices for a rug of this type; anything that evokes imagery of flowers blooming and new life beginning.

A lightweight pile for springtime

The next thing to look for in your spring rug is something with a lightweight pile. Just as spring is full of brightness, light, and freshness, it makes perfect sense to pick a rug with a lightweight pile. There are no rules when it comes to the material you choose, but a lightweight wool or acrylic blend is sure to hit the nail on the head for you. Lightweight pile is also beneficial because it’s less likely to stain and can really stand the test of time.

Spring rug recommendations

Now that we’ve discovered just what goes into a springtime rug, which specific rugs would we recommend? Well, do keep in mind that these are just a handful of ideas, but following are some great choices for a new rug this spring:

  • Spring Leaves rug by Louis De Poortere. As the name suggests, this fantastic rug is an excellent depiction of springtime in rug form. The piece is interesting in that it takes its influences from a patchwork vintage design, and combines that with a vivid green floral motif. Find out more now.
  • Spring Flower rug by Esprit. Here’s a different take on the season, with flowers taking the spotlight. This lovely rug imbues a vivid and zesty colour palette, depicting those unmistakeable spring colours that we all love. The lightweight acrylic fibres also make this a superb choice for any room of the house. Learn more about this rug.

So there you have it: a brief introduction to the world of springtime rugs. Are you considering investing in a new rug this spring? If so, you’ll find a huge selection of rugs in our online rug shop


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