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How Rug Underlay Keeps Your Rugs Safe and Secure, Even on Hard Floors

In the world of interior design, hard floors have never been more popular. Whether it’s oak, pine, bamboo – or even a synthetic wood-effect finish – hard floors can really make a room stand out. To complete the look, many of us also add a new rug to a hard floor, especially in living rooms and lounges. If you’ve done this yourself, you may have noticed a couple of problems that stem from mixing rugs with hard floors. In today’s post, we’ll see how rug underlay elegantly solves these issues.

The potential pitfalls of rugs and hard floors

There’s no doubt that rugs and hard floors work incredibly well together, especially when you balance the colours of the wood-finish against those of the rug itself. So what are the problems we referred to above? Well the biggest problem that occurs when a rug is placed on a hard-floor has to do with basic physics. Because the underside of rugs are usually quite smooth (e.g. a canvas backing) and of course the flooring itself is smooth, there is very little friction there to hold the rug in place. This means that rugs on hard floors can sometimes slip and slide when walked on, or bunch up in inconvenient ways.

How underlay solves the problem

Like all the best products, rug underlay is a product which is deceptively simple, yet incredibly effective. It’s made of a dense material which, crucially, creates a layer of friction between both the hard floor and the rug above it. This elegantly eliminates any movement in the rug, meaning that normal use, including walking or even running across the rug, will not result in slipping or surplus movement. Rug underlay is a flexible product in the sense that you can actually cut it to size yourself and use the perfect amount for your particular room. It’s also very slimline, so it won’t add any noticeable height to your existing rug.

The two types of rug underlay

Here at Rugs Direct, we offer two types of rug underlay. The first is designed for use with hard floors as we described above, as well as tile flooring too. It’s customisable as described and can be bought in a variety of different widths depending on your needs. The second option of rug underlay is designed to be used with rugs placed on carpets – which are also prone to slippage. Equally customisable, this type of rug underlay is ideal if you have a rug placed on your living room, lounge, or bedroom carpet.

If you’d like to explore your rug underlay options further, simply visit the link above, or call the Rugs Direct team anytime with questions on 0845 838 8638.



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