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Is It Possible to Bring a Water-Damaged Rug Back to Life?

The words “water damage” are two of the most-feared when it comes to interior design and décor. Whether the result of flooding, a leak, or even a spill, water can do a lot of long-lasting damage to soft furnishings, including rugs. With that in mind, you may be wondering if it’s possible to restore a water-damaged rug to its former glory. Well… let’s find out.

Step #1: Stop the water at its source before doing anything else

Once you discover a water-damaged rug, and before you do anything else, you should immediately locate and stop the source of the water. This could be a burst pipe, a leak somewhere in the home, or countless other sources. Whatever the case, by stopping the water at the source, you will prevent your rug getting any more sodden than it already is.

Step #2: Assess the damage

Once the water has been stopped, it’s time to assess the damage. Depending on how long the water has been in contact with the rug, the damage may be either localised or spread across the whole expanse of the rug. In either case, you can use both visual inspection and touch to assess how sodden the rug is and how much water has found its way into the pile. Note that if the rug is entirely soaked through, it’s best to jump straight to step #4 below.

Step #3: Attempt to dry out the rug

If the rug is only locally affected by water-damage, it may be possible to dry it out, but do bear in mind that this is not guaranteed. Depending on the amount of water, you’ll need a very warm and dry place to hang the rug and allow it to ‘drip dry’ over at least 72 hours. If it’s not dry before this time, mould can start to develop, which is a real problem even if the rug dries completely. If you don’t have a warm and dry place, or industrial warm-air blowers, jump to step #4.

Step #4: If all else fails, call in the professionals

Before you abandon all hope for your water-damaged rug, it’s well-worth looking around your local area for a dry-cleaner who handles rugs, or even for a dedicated rug cleaner. We don’t recommend the ‘do it yourself’ rug cleaners for water damage, simply because these involve adding more water to the rug. Instead, you should find a local rug cleaner and explain the problem; with luck, they’ll be able to assist in getting your rug clean and dry once more.

Even though it is sometimes possible to bring a water-damaged rug back from the edge, this type of problem can often mean you’ll need to find a new one. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of brand-new premium rugs on offer online. Have a question about our rugs or rug-care? Call the team now on 0845 838 8638.



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