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Beige is the New Black (Especially When It Comes to Rugs)

In many ways, the colour beige gets a bad rap. It’s often cited as being bland, boring, or just plain uninteresting – but nothing could be further from the truth! (When it comes to rugs, at least). With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a selection of our favourite beige rugs. Some of them you may have seen before – but others might just surprise you. Ready to discover a new side to beige?

Karma Beige Rugs by Asiatic

What better way to make beige a little more exciting than with an equally exciting pattern design? With the Karma beige rug by Asiatic, it’s not just the visual pattern that stands out, but also the actual rug pile itself. This beige rugs uses the carved or embossed technique that we’ve talked about on our blog before, giving Karma rugs a sense of charm and individuality. Learn more about Karma rugs now.

In Motion Beige Rugs by Arte Espina

While the colour of a rug is one part of its appeal, the pattern created in the pile is equally important. With the In Motion beige rug, the team at Arte Espina has created a striking design with clean, flowing lines that creates areas of shade and highlight. All the while, the colour palette gracefully flows from lighter beige to deeper brown. In addition to the undeniable visual appeal of the In Motion range, the rug is also made from long-lasting Espirelle, so it’ll stay impactful for years to come. Find out more about In Motion now.

Nursery Characters Beige Rug

So we’ve explored the contemporary and modern side of beige rug design, but there’s a more light-hearted side too. Our range of Nursery Characters rugs includes one in particular that emphasises the sheer joy a beige rug can bring. Designed in the shape of a loveable teddy bear, these Nursery Character beige rugs are made from pure wool and are finished by hand for that personal touch. If you’ve got a little one that’s in need of a new rug, don’t assume that beige is boring – try the teddy bear Nursery Character beige rug on for size! Discover this beige rug in-depth now.

If you’re ready to give beige a chance with a new rug, you’ll find a huge variety of beige rugs right here at Rugs Direct. Explore our range now in our online rug shop, or call the team with any questions on 0845 838 8638.


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