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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Multi-Textured Rugs

One of the things that makes rugs so endlessly fascinating is the sheer breadth of design options. Not only can the pattern and colour of each rug be totally different, but so too can the actual physical shape and feel of the pile be unique. It's the latter that we’ll be focusing on today, with a glimpse into the world of multi-texture rugs.

What is a multi-texture rug?

Sometimes referred to as either carved or embossed rugs, the real standout feature of a multi-texture rug is the fact that it offers more than one length of fibre within its pile. Unlike a flat-woven or shaggy rug, where each fibre is the same length, a multi-texture rug may include many different lengths to create an unusual and eye-catching design. As mentioned above, there are two ways that rug manufacturers can create a multi-textured look. The embossed or carved method means that the pattern is cut so that the fibres in the pattern are shorter (carved) or longer (embossed) than the base pile, giving emphasis and style to the rug.

The role of colour and texture

The multi-textured approach to rug manufacture and design isn’t all about the physical construction of the piece – it also affects the visual appeal. You may have noticed a subtle shimmering effect on certain rugs, and this is often created by the use of multi-texturing. A great example of this is the Shaggy Noble House rug, which offers an eye-catching multi-textured design made from pure acrylic. The shimmering effect is created thanks to the contrast of the longer threads against the shorter base pile. Multi-texturing is one of the very best ways to add visual interest to a room in a way that’s both inexpensive and easy on space requirements.

Discover multi-textured rugs for your home

Here at Rugs Direct, we offer a wide range of multi-textured rugs that are both wonderfully soft and – of course – a delight to look at. From the detailed carved lines of the Crochet Matrix by Asiatic to the uniquely eye-catching zig-zag design of the Cuzzo Matrix rugs, you’re guaranteed to find a multi-texture rug that’ll look great in any room of your home. If you’ve been looking for a way to bring a focal point to your interior décor without cluttering a space, adding texture with an embossed or carved rug is a highly recommended technique.

Want to find more incredible multi-textured rugs? You’ll find all of the above and more in our online rug shop. If you have questions about these rugs or anything else, call our friendly team now on 0845 838 8638.


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