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Bring the Summer into Your Living Room with a Yellow Rug

Bring the Summer into Your Living Room with a Yellow Rug 

With the days getting longer and flowers in bloom all around, it seems that summer 2016 is finally on its way. But you don’t need to spend all your time outdoors to enjoy the best summer has to offer – there are plenty of interior design options to explore. One of the most popular choices when it comes to rugs are bright, vibrant, and lively yellow rugs. With that in mind, here are our favourite yellow rugs. 

Polar Yellow Rug by ThinkRugs 

What better way to begin a celebration of the colour yellow than with a rug that’s nothing but? The Polar Yellow Rug by ThinkRugs is a shaggy rug with a lovely soft pile that’s coloured with nothing but a rich yellow shade. The dense pile of this rug clocks in at 8.5cm, and its character is the very definition of summer.  

Devore Matrix Rug by Asiatic 

In addition to the bright clear sunshine that we associate with summer, you might also think of flowers too. With that in mind, we’d recommend our range of Devore Matrix Yellow Rugs by Asiatic. A rich yellow base colour is brought to life by the delicate floral design in stunning white. Made from pure wool, this is a yellow rug that’ll stand the test of time summer after summer.  

Onix Triangle Yellow Rugs by Asiatic 

If you’re a fan of slick, modern designs, you’ll love our range of Onix Triangle Yellow Rugs by Asiatic. Featuring a colour combination that’s more popular than ever before – grey and yellow – this is a stylish contemporary rug that’s great for any room. Made from premium cotton and flatwoven for versatility, the triangular design is truly eye-catching, making this a superb yellow rug for your home this summer (and beyond).  

Pebbled Noble House Rugs by ThinkRugs 

Looking for a yellow rug that’s vibrant yet a little bit different in its design? If so, our range of Pebbled Noble House Yellow Rugs by ThinkRugs might be just your cup of tea. Again featuring that classic grey/yellow combo of colours, it’s really the finishing of this rug that makes it so special. It features a carved pile that really brings out the yellow highlights within the design and creates the pebble-effect pattern that these rugs are known for.  

Now that you’ve sampled a small selection of our yellow rugs that are perfect for summer, why not explore the full range in our online rug shop? If you have a question about any of our yellow rugs – or anything else – you can call our friendly team anytime on 0845 838 8638. 


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