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Our Rug Underlay

Stop rugs slipping or creeping once you have laid it out by chose our wonderful underlay, just click which surface your rug is going on and we will send you the most appropiate underlay to do the job. The underlay is amazing and will keep your rug absoultely stationary. 

Your underlay will arrive with your rug and will be enough for your rug to sit on although it may arrive in more than one piece if you have ordered a large rug. If there is extra provided, depending on the width or length of your rug, a good pair of scissors can be used to cut to the correct size.

Lay the piece/s of underlay out and then lay your rug on top. Cutting away any extra showing. Multiple pieces of underlay will not affect how well the anti slip performs nor will leaving a slight boarder without any.

If you are ordering underlay on its own, without a rug, please be aware there is a £20 minimum spend.



Underlay Ranges