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Types of Rugs for your Bedroom – Rugs Direct

A rug is the warm, cosy sensation when you step out of bed on a cold winter’s morning; it’s the patch of colour that brings life to a room. But with so many different styles, shapes, patterns and colours to choose from, which one should you go for? Well, in this guide we’ll explain which rugs will complement your surroundings and which of those should be avoided.

Area Rugs

The most common of all rugs and the most widely used in bedrooms are Area rugs. The idea of them is they frame the centrepiece of the bedroom as well as uniting colours, fabrics and wallpapers around the room. You want to highlight your bed, so being brave and going for a rug that fits all the way around your bed will really pay off. The rug frame complements the colour of the bed and gives the room more character.

Remember, an area rug should either be framing the whole bed or sitting alongside it. A rug that leaves an exposed floor on just one side of the bed looks awkward and out of sync. For those who don’t fancy covering an area of floor space that large, we suggest a smaller area rug beside the bed. It can fit perfectly into a smaller room where their bed is to one side of the room – not in the centre.

Additionally, a hard floor can be an unwelcome surprise on a cold winter’s morning, but feeling the warmth of a rug under your toes will change all this.

Throw rugs (scatter rugs) and runner rugs (runners)

Throw rugs and runners aren’t just for your hallway and living room, they can be used to divide space in a bedroom. Whether they’re on top of a carpet, bare floor or even on an existing area rug, runners can separate the bed from other areas in the room to bring the room together.

You may have a dressing table a few metres from your bed so a runner rug would fit ideally between the two and make each area of the room distinct. Also, like an area rug fitting around your bed, a scatter or runner rug can be strategically positioned so your feet feel the warmth on a cold winter’s morning.

Colour, patterns and designs

As with the majority of rooms in the house, the colour combinations and tones used in the décor is all dependent on personal preference. There are a multitude of colour, patterns and design options, whether you use neutral hues in your living room for a more relaxing environment or the dining room is full of brightly-coloured walls and accessories.

As the bedroom is the place people want to be at their most relaxed, shades of neutral colour are used. Whether you have an area rug framing the bed or a runner rug alongside it, we suggest avoiding bright colours and push more towards beiges, creams and grey rugs.

You can also go down the route of classic rug designs. Persian and traditional-style rugs are complex in their designs, but as they combine a number of colours, they can bring a colourful bedroom together. They would, however, feel slightly out of place in a neutral room of whites and greys, so gauge the room décor first.


The shape of a rug can has a profound effect on a room’s feel and size. While area rugs are commonly used for framing and highlighting the bed, differently shaped rugs give something else to a room.

Square rugs sat in the exposed free space in a bedroom can make it feel larger, while also adding character depending on the colour and design. On top of this, round rugs will make a room feel more intimate as it takes away the rigid lines of square or rectangles.

Other shapes like hexagonal and half-moon rugs may also work depending on the size and shape of your room – especially for those with unusual blueprints. However, if your room is simply round, square or rectangle, you don’t need to over-complicate the space with too much going on.


Most of the foot traffic in a bedroom lies around the bed as people get in and out. These are the spots requiring rugs with strength and durability, while still feeling soft and comfortable underfoot.

Wool is an ideal example of a durable bedroom rug material, but cotton can work well too and is also much easier to clean. Also, as with across other rooms, you can go for an environment-friendly option with durable grass fibre rugs to give your bedroom a natural feel.

So, which rug should you go for?

Like placing a rug in any room, finding the ideal type for your bedroom can be a tough task. But there should always be a method to the madness. Whether it’s bringing additional colour to the room with a scatter rug or framing your bed with an area rug, it’s all based on preference and the style of your room.